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Tucked away within a secret location seven miles inland from Crantock and Watergate Bay in rural north Cornwall, this luxury self-catering barn called The Meadows is a haven for romantic getaways. With a pacifying whitewashed aesthetic, hot tub and floating egg bath overlooking the swaying wildflower meadow, this is country living on modern terms.

A design-led interior pairs poured concrete floors and worktops with Brushed and White Limed Oak flooring and wall cladding to bring about a clean, contemporary aesthetic that is soothing and relaxed all at the same time. The open-plan design incorporates high apex ceilings for plenty of space and light, with large glass windows to merge what is outside and in. The flooring of the property seeps onto the walls with the cladding and joinery, creating a seamless aesthetic from top to bottom.

Commissioned by Studio Felt


Oak, Brushed and White Lime, classic grade, 220mmW, flooring, wall cladding, joinery

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