Neilsen House

A refurbishment of the Gilpen Hotel’s restaurant and lodges to capture the essence of its natural surroundings and global audience.

Sarah Jane Neilsen of Neilsen House has created an upmarket, casual space that offered customers simple yet stylish comfort. In the restaurant of the Gilpen Hotel, the menu is inspired by Cumbria’s historical connection to the spice trade. It was therefore important that the interiors captured the essence of ‘spice’ in the same way as the cuisine. This led to decor that is a vibrant feast for the eyes, offering the customer a visual journey through themed zones. From the Cumbrian port of Whitehaven where the trail began, through to India, China, Japan, Malaysia and finally Vietnam.

Within the lodges of the hotel, embracing the compelling outdoor/indoor connection was imporant, while at the same time producing internal design schemes that would have universal appeal to the hotel’s global audience. Flagstone floors, cement render and natural stone elements are symbolic of the rugged Lake District. Combined with a melting pot of striking vivid colours, sumptuous textures and clever lighting, this space evokes the exotic nature of the Eastern spice trade.


Comissioned by Neilsen House


Oak, Apollo, classic grade, 250mmW, flooring
Oak, Super White, classic grade, 250mmW, flooring
Oak, Sawn, classic grade, 250mmW, flooring
Oak, Black Miel, classic grade, 250mmW, flooring

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