Henley Hale Brown

London’s first co-housing scheme where the architecture supports an intentional community with its shared facilities. Copper Lane shows how architecture can respond to a new social need that has arisen through changes in both lifestyles and economics, making home ownership more affordable as well as shaping more convivial and sustainable neighbourhoods.

The six houses share a palette of simple and robust materials, inside walls and ceilings are unpainted natural white plaster, staircases and joinery are Douglas Fir White oiled.

The scheme allows for a continuous perimeter of communal gardens which offer varied growing conditions and atmospheres. As a result, there is a strong feeling of the project being intrinsically linked to its land.


Commissioned by Henley Hale Brown


Douglas Fir, White oiled, engineered flooring, wall cladding, solid board joinery, stair treads and risers

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