At Reeve Wood, we’re very careful about the products we use, and particular about where they come from. To us, sustainability matters just as much as quality.

We’re working in an industry that has a direct impact on the environment. So it’s our responsibility to make sure that impact is a positive one — not only for the sake of our business, but the planet we live on.

Protecting the environment Reeve Wood has FSC® (FSC C109654) and PEFC (PEFC/16-37-1358) certification for a range of floors we manufacture. We ask for certification from our suppliers wherever possible. Unfortunately, not all suppliers can provide certificates of provenance. In these cases, we tend to do our own research, finding out about the country of origin and its particular system of silviculture, before making a judgement call.

We make wide floor boards from American White Oak and buy lumber from sustainable hardwood forests. Our ply comes from FSC certified Birch ply.

If you would like your floors made from FSC or PEFC certified wood, please ask.


We use a mix of mineral and vegetable oils to finish our flooring, which protects wood naturally. And we only supply water-based polyurethane lacquers. All imported products must use approved EU Health and Safety formulations and comply with the EC1 standard.

Biomass & Briquettes

Our wood chip and sawdust waste is fed directly into our biomass boiler which provides heat for the offices, factory and our processes. Any leftover hardwood chips and shavings we recycle into fuel briquettes for wood-burning stoves. There are no additives, they are CO2 neutral, have a low ash content and are a much cleaner alternative to other fuels. They burn in similar way to brown coal with no sparks or spitting. Please call +44 (0)1553 776 835 or email to enquire about briquette sales.