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At Reeve, we work with this remarkable natural material every day, so we’re fully aware of its possibilities, nuances and behaviour.

Experts attract experts. Commissioned mainly by architects and interior designers, we offer bespoke ranges of interior floors, decking and features to complement — from wall claddings to worktops, furniture to mouldings. We’re use to working with people who are sticklers for detail, whose demands are precise and particular, who expect nothing but the highest standard of workmanship and service; we wouldn’t have it any other way… we enjoy the challenge and take pride in pushing the boundaries of our craft.

We can make wood look ancient or contemporary, warm or cool, weather-beaten or pristine. Whatever the style or setting, we can advise on type, colour and finishes to achieve the desired effect. Our service is bespoke and personal — we’ll work to your exact specifications, meeting your budgets but exceeding your expectations.

We’re constantly learning and innovating, introducing new approaches to how and where wood can be introduced into the creative palette. In fact, we like to think that we’re doing our bit to take the market forward, opening people’s eyes to the inherent beauty and versatility of wood.



Over the years we’ve built up a considerable knowledge base of products and processes. We’ve established all the do’s and don’ts and are familiar with the finer points, benefits and limitations of all the materials we use. We’ll work closely with you to find the best way forward for your project and achieve the finest possible results.

You’ll find some insight and handy tips on choosing, installing and caring for your Reeve products. For more specific advice or information, please get in touch on +44 (0)1553 776 835 or e-mail and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have or provide product samples.


Please download our underfloor heating rules, our fitting instructions warranty, our storage policy, our full terms and conditions and our returning goods instructions.

Types of flooring

There are many different flooring woods available, but your choice will tend to fall into one of two camps — solid wood or engineered wood. Download more information on choosing a floor, finishes, oils, lacquers and manufacturing tolerances. View our grading rules here.


Before installing wood flooring or other wood fittings, you need to consider the atmospheric conditions, day-to-day usage and other site-specific factors. Island Flooring are a Reeve recommended wood floor installation specialist.
Download more information on site conditions, delivery and acclimatisation,expansion gaps, sub-floors and keeping the noise down.


Depending on the amount of traffic you anticipate, you’ll need harder or softer flooring. The Brinell hardness test lets you know what wood to choose. Download more information on Brinell hardness testing and slip tests.


It is important to maintain your hardwood floor investment. Like a carpet it needs regular cleaning and every now and again some professional attention. If you maintain your hardwood floor it will last as long as you do. The important point is to maintain the oil or lacquer coating and never allow bare wood to appear. Download more information on Aftercare and general care.

Under floor heating

With concealed under floor heating, you should always plump for a engineered wood like Fenland (20mm) or Woodland (15mm). Engineered woods have 90% less movement than solid wood floors, and are generally far more stable. Download more information on Underfloor heating.

Fixing over heated subfloors

If you do not use a thermostat with a subfloor probe set to 26˚C your warranty is void.


Our products have been used in an array of different projects both in the UK and worldwide. From art galleries, to humble homes; manor houses to hotels; medical clinics to retail hot houses we have the solution for your project.


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