Every piece of wood is unique, and so is every customer. That's why we approach every project with an open mind.

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Thanks to its natural grain and texture, wood can be used to add individuality and character to even the most restrained design aesthetic.

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Wood is one of the most versatile materials around. So we use it to create everything from flooring and worktops, to furniture and mouldings.

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With wood, we can achieve countless looks and effects classic or contemporary, warm or cool, rugged or refined.

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Our world is wood. At Reeve, we work with this remarkable natural material every day, so we’re fully aware of its possibilities, nuances and behaviour.

Commissioned mainly by architects and interior designers, we create bespoke wooden features to complement and counterpoint the overall aesthetic concept — from flooring and worktops, to furniture and mouldings. Our clients are demanding and expect the highest standards. But we wouldn’t have it any other way… we enjoy the challenge and take pride in pushing the boundaries of our craft.

We can make wood look ancient or contemporary, warm or cool, weather-beaten or pristine. Whatever the style or setting, we can advise on type, colour and finishes to achieve the specified effect.

We’re constantly learning and innovating, introducing new approaches to how and where wood can be introduced into the creative palette. In fact, we like to think that we’re doing our bit to take the market forward, opening people’s eyes to the inherent beauty and versatility of wood.

Get new and inspiring ideas from our brand new sample book. We offer 65 colours and styles as standard, plus our bespoke finishing line means we can achieve any shade of colour and finish on your choice of wood, to your exact requirements.